Best Material to Use at Home; Marble Vs Ceramic Vs Porcelain 

The three main products for assembling the floors, wall designs, washroom vanity, and kitchen countertops of a building are Marble, Ceramic, and Porcelain. They are available in all price ranges and one can get the product that is in their budget. All products have different qualities and usefulness if you are looking to design your home than here providing you the characteristics of all these materials and what is best for your home.  Himalayan Marble   provides you the best bathrooms and kitchen vanities, bowls, faucets, and bathtubs of marbles, porcelain, ceramics, and granite.


Marble is a metamorphic rock made up of carbonate minerals that are not usually foliated. The word marble is derived from the Greek language, meaning shining rock. Marbles are the natural products that give your home a luxurious and deluxe look. Marble Tiles are best suited for interior use and should be kept in low traffic areas in flooring as they give dreamy look to your home. It is used in Kitchen, countertops, floors, and sinks as they give a beautiful outlook.  Marble tiles are usually available in grey and white colors and give a natural look. It is usually cut with the expertise to form a uniform surface and afterward is polished to give a unique look.

Himalayan Marbles provides you ready to install and polished products.  Marble is available in all price ranges but gives a pleasing look to your home. Marbles are usually hard to maintain as they need proper maintenance and application of sealants after every six months to make it stain and dulling resistant. They also need special cleaning every day to enhance their beauty.


Porcelain Tiles are the tiles that are made up of combining clay and other elements such as quartz, silica, and feldspar under extremely high temperatures. It is usually made with white and red clays. The exposure of heat gives a glass substrate that gives a sleek and glazed tile as well as enhances its quality. Porcelain is economical, long-lasting, strong, and suitable for indoor and outdoor. It is hard tiles that are usually used on the floors and exterior walls. Its benefit is that they are resistant to stains and easy to clean and wipe. Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain after the expert cut and installation as they are durable and user friendly. Porcelain material is affordable, easy to maintain but replicates the look of marble. They are available in different colors and forms but it's better to use expensive porcelain as they are more durable.


Ceramic Tile is made using clay and heated at low temperatures. Ceramic tiles are more prone to moisture and are less water-resistant. The ceramic tiles are lens dense are low in quality and are less expansive. A ceramic tile can lasts for more than a hundred years but if it is not used properly it can be damaged early. Ceramic tiles do not need an expert in fixtures as anyone can fix it at home.

The best marble products can be bought from Himalayan Marbles that imports the best quality marbles around the world that are ready to fix and use. The best feature is that you can order your product online at any time of a day and anywhere in Pakistan.

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